Cold-shouldering the Empire State Building — it knows what it did.

 Cold-shouldering the Empire State Building — it knows what it did.

Born and raised in the deep, dirty South of Virginia, Nik found inspiration in his early years by living vicariously through the characters in his books and on his television screen. Fascinated by the emotional resonance different stories could generate with audiences across the world, he knew he wanted to create his own. While working in advertising and digital promotion, in his spare time Nik has written a feature screenplay, a comedy pilot, and several shorts. A proud graduate of the Rod Serling School for Screenwriting, Nik hopes to see The Twilight Zone return to television.

While crewing thesis projects with his other film school comrades, Nik found he had a knack for sound recording and boom operation — long arms might have been a factor. Since then, he has served as a freelance sound mixer and/or boom operator on dozens of different productions, including online commercials, reality TV projects, documentaries, small features, and over 15 short films. Contact below for rates on labor and equipment rentals.

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  • "KNOCK" — Official Selection, Philip K. Dick Film Festival – Europe
  • "KNOCK" — Second Place Drama, New Lens Film Festival
  • "KNOCK" — Official Selection, GeNerk Film Festival
  • "KNOCK" — Featured Short Film, Chiller Theater Expo
  • "Night of the Living Wage" — Official Selection, Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival

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